Over 80% of municipal assemblies call for abolition of all nuke plants in Fukushima

Of 59 municipal assemblies in Fukushima Prefecture, 50 or more than 80% have passed resolutions or position statements calling for the decommissioning of all reactors at two nuclear power plants in the prefecture. This was made known by a survey undertaken by Fukushima-Minpo Co., publisher of the namesake vernacular daily, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary on March 11 of the 2011 earthquake and ensuing nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi (No. 1) plant. Although the central government and the utility remain silent on the fate of the Fukushima Daini (No. 2) plant, which was not affected by the disaster, the survey brought home the fact that people in the prefecture desire the abolition of the Daini plant as well as the Daiichi facility, which is being decommissioned after four of its six reactors were crippled by meltdowns and explosions. The survey was conducted by hearing from officials in charge of the assemblies in the cities, towns and villages concerned. In the current 2016 fiscal year ending on March 31, assemblies in three cities -- Aizuwakamatsu, Koriyama and Nihonmatsu -- and one town -- Koori -- adopted position statements urging abolition of all nuclear reactors, while those in two villages -- Otama and Kitashiobara -- and three towns -- Nishiaizu, Bandai and Inawashiro -- are scheduled to submit or are considering submitting similar statements to their regular sessions in March. All these assemblies except for the Koori assembly have passed statements or resolutions calling for total reactor decommissioning in the past. The 50 assemblies consist of all 13 city assemblies and those in 37 towns and villages, including eight municipalities in the Futaba region where evacuation orders were issued following the nuclear accident. The Fukushima Prefectural Association of Chairmen of Town and Village Assemblies unanimously adopted a special resolution at its general meeting in 2014 demanding the termination of all reactors. “All town and village assemblies are in agreement in seeking to have all reactors decommissioned,” according to an official of the association’s secretariat. (Translated by Kyodo News)