57.9% of evacuees from Naraha town to return permanently

A survey of evacuees from Naraha town, Fukushima Prefecture, has found that 665 households or 57.9% of the 1,149 families who responded will return home permanently after a program offering them temporary housing and leased accommodation free of charge is terminated at the end of March 2018. Meanwhile, 391 households or 34.0% replied they will continue to live or settle down in their present places of abode in Iwaki city, where many Naraha residents reside as evacuees following the 2011 nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi plant. The survey findings were announced on March 1 by the prefectural government. A questionnaire was sent by mail last October to each of 1,958 households now living in free accommodation for evacuees to ask about their planned residences in and after April 2018 and the places of houses to be built on their own, among other matters. Of the total, 1,044 families living in the prefecture and 105 others evacuated elsewhere responded. Households with accommodation in place for occupancy in April 2018 and thereafter numbered 711 (61.9%), and 416 (36.2%) had yet to decide, while 22 families (1.9%) did not respond. Of the 711 households with future accommodation decided, 673 are evacuee families living in the prefecture and 38 outside. Of the 416 families without future housing decided, 351 live in the prefecture and 65 outside. (Translated by Kyodo News)