All 2016 rice harvested in Fukushima clears radiation tests

5 January 2017

All of about 10 million bags of rice harvested in Fukushima Prefecture in 2016 and screened for radioactive substances by the end of the year have been found to be well within the maximum legal standard of 100 becquerels per kilogram, as specified by the Food Sanitation Act. It was the third straight year that all new rice, generally harvested between August and December in the year of production, tested below the limit in the prefectural government’s annual blanket checks of whole Fukushima rice.

The local government screened 10,031,434 bags of 2016 rice by the year-end, and radiocesium content in 10,031,025 or 99.996% of the total was found below the mechanically measurable minimum level. All 50 samples subjected to precision tests were also found below the detectible level.

Prefectural government officials traced the achievement to continued efforts to prevent rice plants from absorbing radiocesium, including the use of potassium chloride-based fertilizer, as well as the natural attenuation of cesium radiation.

(Translated by Kyodo News)