65% of evacuees in rent-free housing outside Fukushima hope to stay on

A Fukushima prefectural government survey of living conditions of evacuees from the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident has found that 65% of evacuee families living in rent-free housing outside the prefecture hope to continue residing outside Fukushima even after April 2017 when the free housing scheme is to be terminated. According to the interim results of the survey announced on March 25, about 12,600 evacuee families live in temporary public and other free housing provided by the local government in and outside the prefecture. Questionnaires were sent to 4,630 families within the prefecture and 5,308 outside excluding Niigata Prefecture, with 6,091 households or 61.3% of the total sending back replies by the end of February. Of 3,186 families outside the prefecture that responded, 65% said they would continue living outside of Fukushima in and after April next year, and only 18% said they would choose to return to Fukushima. (Translated by Kyodo News)