Farmers in Tomioka town harvest 2 varieties of rice

Members of the "Furusato Producers’ Cooperative" formed by farmers in Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture, conducted rice harvesting in the town's Shimokoriyama district on Sept. 21. Earlier this year, the farmers planted two varieties of ordinary rice -- Ten no Tsubu (grain from heaven) and Koshihikari -- as well as the Kogane-mochi variety of glutinous rice in a total of 180-are farmland. It was 60 ares more than last year. About 20 members and others involved in the cooperative took part, harvesting 150 ares of golden Ten no Tsubu and Kogane-mochi crops with large combine harvesters. The Koshihikari variety is scheduled to be harvested later. Yasuo Watanabe, head of the cooperative, said the rice grain this year was slightly smaller than average due to the lack of sunshine during summer. All bags of harvested rice will be inspected in early October before being shipped to the market to ensure they clear radiation tests. (Translated by Kyodo News)