Fukushima to ease curbs on trawling depth at start of test fishing in Sept.

Experimental fishing areas for trawling in waters off Fukushima will be expanded from “waters 120 meters or deeper” to “waters 90 meters or deeper” when the test fishing season resumes in September. The decision was made at a meeting of the prefecture’s local fisheries reconstruction council held in Iwaki on July 24. The council decided to expand the fishing zone after concluding that, based on monitoring results of the various types of fish designated for experimental fishing operations, fish caught in waters shallower than the previously allowed areas also cleared the limit radioactive cesium dosage of 100 becquerels per kilogram set under the Food Sanitation Act. As a result of the eased restrictions, small trawlers of 15 tons or below can now take part in the experimental fishing operations. The number of participating fishing boats will increase by one to 23 at the Soma-Futaba Fishery Cooperative, double from 12 to 24 at the Iwaki City Fishery Cooperative, and from two to four at the Onahama Trawl Fishery Cooperative. (Translated by Kyodo News)