Opening events for Fukushima Gainax anime museum held in Miharu town

Opening events were held on March 28-29 for animation production company Fukushima Gainax’s “Museum of Fantasy and Art – Fukushima Sakura Yugakusha” inside the building of the former Sakura Junior High School in the town of Miharu, Fukushima Prefecture. The museum officially opened on April 1. The events were hosted by an executive committee formed by Fukushima Gainax, the Miharu municipal government, and others supporting the town’s reconstruction. They were backed by Fukushima-Minpo Co., publisher of the namesake local daily, among others. In addition to a permanent exhibition through which visitors can learn about the production process of animation and a display of original drawings of some popular anime works, there were also movie screenings as well as talk shows by voice actors and actresses. The events attracted anime fans and families with young children, many of whom looked eagerly at figures of popular characters exhibited. “From here we would like to release our works to the rest of the world and convey the charms of Fukushima Prefecture, of the Tohoku region, and of Japan,” Fukushima Gainax President Yoshinori Asao, who hails from Fukushima city, said at an opening ceremony. At the ceremony, children also released colorful balloons into the air.