82.7% of Fukushima residents doubt feasibility of disposing of radioactive waste outside prefecture

An overwhelming 82.7% of residents of Fukushima Prefecture expressed concern about the feasibility of the central government's plan to dispose of radioactive waste outside the prefecture within 30 years from the time they are first placed at interim storage facilities in the prefecture, according to a poll conducted jointly by Fukushima Minpo and Fukushima Television Broadcasting. Those who did not feel concern accounted for 5.1%. Asked if it is necessary to establish legislation to ensure the realization of the government plan, 71.5% agreed. The results of the question pertaining to the feasibility of disposing of waste outside Fukushima Prefecture within 30 years are shown in Chart 1. By age category, about 90% of respondents in each of the age brackets from their 30s to 50s said they were concerned that the government plan might end up not being accomplished. The proportion of those concerned tended to be higher among generations that are more likely to be involved in the final disposal in 30 years. Among people in their 70s and the age bracket of those aged 80 and above, the percentage was in the 70% range. By gender, 84.3% of men and 81.4% of women expressed concern. The answers to the question on whether legislation is needed to make sure the government plan is carried through are shown in Chart 2. While 71.5% said such legislation is necessary, 7.4% said there is no need for it. (Translated by Kyodo News)