Fukushima-Minpo special mailable issue features local specialties

Photo: Specialties of the (clockwise from top right) north, Hamadori, central/south, and Aizu regions are printed on the front page of this year's special Fukushima-Minpo issue for postal delivery.

Teaming with the Fukushima prefectural government and Japan Post Holdings Co., Fukushima-Minpo Co. published on Aug. 20 a specially designed edition of the namesake daily featuring specialties of the prefecture's north, central/south, Aizu, and Hamadori regions. Taken up by the "Okuru Fukushima-Minpo" (Fukushima-Minpo for delivery) issue were peaches in the north, "Shirakawa ramen" noodles in the central/south, "sake" rice wine and local cuisine in the Aizu inland area, and "kaisendon" or a bowl of rice topped with sliced raw fish and other seafood in the Hamadori coastal region. These products remind family members and friends of the memorable moment of enjoying the specialties in their first get-together in a long time. Like a similar edition published last year (dated Aug. 21), each copy of this year's special version can be posted as irregular-size mail. It consists of two parts, with a normal edition wrapped in an envelope-shaped special newspaper introducing the specialties. All the sender has to do before dropping the special version into a mailbox is to write the name and address of the receiver on the paper's relevant blank portions together with the sender's name, address and postal code, seal it and attach a 250 yen stamp. Given the novel coronavirus epidemic is spreading rapidly in the prefecture, the latest special issue suggests that the sender make an appointment to meet family members and friends living outside Fukushima by dispatching local news in print even though we still have to keep precautions day after day. In making the suggestion and other comments, the paper said the day would be sure to come when such an appointment comes true. Last year, the special version of the Fukushima-Minpo daily received the Good Design Award for fiscal 2020 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. (Translated by Kyodo News)