Pilot-development program for young people begins in Fukushima, aided by acrobatic aviator Muroya

A program has been launched to nurture young people as private pilots with the support of acrobatic race aviator and Fukushima local Yoshihide Muroya and other volunteers. The first lessons under the "Youth Pilot Program" were given for three days from July 24 to 26 at "Fukushima Sky Park," a rural airfield in the Fukushima Prefecture capital. Taking part as trainees were three high school boys from outside the prefecture. They familiarized themselves with aircraft while learning flight skills through practical and classroom lessons. Aiming to pass practical tests eventually, they will receive training once a month until August next year. On July 26, a training session was opened to the public. The students were taught by Muroya and other instructors how to check the body of a plane and the procedure of starting the engine. On July 24, they boarded instructor-operated motor gliders that took to the skies above Fukushima. "I would like to learn the basics of flight through the training here and become a pilot who inspires people, as Muroya-san does," a 16-year-old trainee from Shiga Prefecture, western Japan, said with a smile. "It is important to establish a pilot-fostering environment," Muyoya said. "I hope they will take advantage of the training program to lead the aviation industry in the future." The next round of training is scheduled for August this year. 【Photo】Trainees receive instruction from Muroya (center) during their first lesson. (Translated by Kyodo News)